6 Ikea Hacks: KURA Children’s beds

DesignJoyBlog 6 DIY Ikea KURA Hacks

It’s so difficult to find good and creative furniture for kid’s and all of the nice ones are so expensive!! I think it’s pretty fair to say that most families end up having one of these at home, no? KURA beds are not only affordable but they are very versatile. Here are some lovely hacks and with a little creativity and some tools you can transform your child’s room from the boring ikea look to a fabulous childhood wonderland.

Happy weekend!

1. Such a wonderful little forest house via Ikea Hackers

2. Here’s a proper little wooden cabin via Ikea Hackers

3. A fire station via The Share Space

4. This cute modern cabin via Vintery Mintery

5. Wich would love to have their own ball pit? via Rusta Upp

6. And the easiest of the all using stickers from StikkiPix

“On The Move” the Ikea PS 2014 collection

Ikea launches today the new Ikea PS 2014 Collection with the theme “On The Move”. Designed by young designers from all over the world, the collection was inspired by “real homes  – and homeowners – that are in constant motion”.

Urban and modern, this collection is nothing short of Ikea’s “nice and affordable” design standard. The IKEA PS 2014 collection will be available starting in April at IKEA stores worldwide. I look forward to it! In the meantime, here’s the collection:

All images via Pressroom – Ikea

DIY: Bye bye expedit

So, probably the last thing the blog world needs is yet another compilation of ikea expedit hacks, but some of these are so cool I couldn’t  help myself… So lets just call it a bonus, in honor of this beloved versatile bookshelf!

Happy weekend!!

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

2. Creative, beautiful and also a little bit 50s little bar via Ikea Hackers

3. Cheerful playroom seating by I Heart Organizing 

4. Poetic doolhouse via 101 Woonideeen

5. Kid’s room desk by A Little Delightful

6. Practical kitchen island by Decorating Insanity

7. Staircase shelving via Barnacle’s Choice

8. Can we make this bookshelf? via Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hacks: Billy

Who doesn’t have a Billy at home? With a little bit of time and skill you can transform Ikea’s most popular bookshelf into a custom looking piece! Here are a few incredible ideas:


Top row:

1. Brightening up a boring Billy bookcase, via Ikea Hackers

2. Make your own bookcase library wall with built in speakers and remote control lights, by Bliss at Home

3. Step-by-step how to transform a Billy using wood trim molding, by My Decor Education 

Bottom row:

4. Such a pretty bathroom cabinet using paint stirrers, via Ikea Hackers

5. Believe it or not, there is a bed in there! via Ikea Hackers

6. Cheap and cheerful kitchen island, by Golden Boys and Me