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Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura has been invited by the Maison d’Architecture to conceive an exhibition of his work, opening this week at the Pavillon Sicli, in Geneva – Switzerland. The Exhibition will show sketches, plans, models and photographs of the architect’s most important work.

DesignJoyBlog_Eduardo Souto de Moura at Pavillon Sicli

2011 Priktzer Prize Laureate, Eduardo Souto de Moura is an architectural star and, without a doubt, an important reference to contemporary  architecture. Born in Porto in 1952, his architectural style is at the same time powerful and modest, provocative, and subtle. After a 33 year career, his impressive collection of works includes some remarkable landmarks such as The Braga Stadium, the Burgo Tower and my personal favorite the Paulo Regio Museum, in Cascais.

For the lucky ones (I’m one of them yaaay!) the exhibition opens with a conference with the architect followed by the vernissage, this Thursday May 1st at the Sicli Pavillon in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thursday May 1st 2014, 18h30

Conférence d’Eduardo Souto de Moura
Thursday May 1st 2014, 18h30

Opening Hours
me / ve 11h-18h
je 11h-20h
sa / di 10h-17h

Pavillon Sicli, 45 route des Acacias, Carouge