Sophie Woodrow | Sunday Morning Art

I must admit that I fell in love instantly when I saw these little faces! It might be a foolish thing to say, I know, but they are so wonderfully poetic that I don’t even care. The definition of ethereal itself, these wonderful little creatures are the work of Bristol based artist Sophie Woodrow.

Sophie’s figurines are like entire universes within themselves… with such tenderness in their eyes and dressed in their most beautiful garments… They step out of a dream and make you want to know their story and hear about all the wonderful things they talk about when we’re not looking. According to the artist, ‘ these sculptures are not visitors from other worlds, but the ‘might-have-beens’ of this world’. But oh, how much don’t you just wish they were real?

Sophie Woodrow’s incredible artwork will be showing this summer at the Arusha Gallery, in Edinburg.

Happy Sunday!

All images courtesy of the Artist. Link with love.