Casas na Areia Hotel by Mateus Aires

From what I imagine started out as a friendly chat between pals over a glass of porto, Casas na Areia was originally intended as a weekend house that, lucky for some, became a small luxury hotel. Designed by renowned portuguese architect  Manuel Aires Mateus, this hotel is a unique minimalistic hideaway surrounded by stunning natural beauty.


Founded on the concept that “happiness is based on the intelligent use of simplicity”, the interior and exterior spaces blend together leading guests to come closer to the natural environment. The 4 houses were built according to local tradition, 2 in white concrete and 2 in wood and reeds, all with thatched roofs built by a local artisan and renewed every 6 years.

The sandy floors in the kitchen and eating areas are an extension of the beautiful natural surroundings and gently invite guests to have their meals or simply relax barefoot, with toes playing in the sand, after a long hard day of birdwatching or horseback riding on the beach. Seriously, how much fun is that?!

This wonderful holiday gem is located only one hour away from Lisbon in Comporta, a region famous for its white sandy beaches and delicious coarse red wines as well as being home to great variety of wild life such as flamingos, storks and dolphins.

On top of it all, Portugal is just simply such an amazing place to go to. It’s a beautiful and culturally rich country, with friendly people and wonderful food! What more can you want? I’m certainly dreaming of going back there for a summer holiday with my family and, if I’m lucky enough…

Photographs by Nelson Garrido