8 DIY projects for your garden

Although it did snow here this week, I though I’d be positive and start preparing for when the good weather actually comes. Here are some ideas to make your patio, balcony or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, to make your garden nice and ready for those lovely spring and summer evenings!

Happy friday!

diy garden projects

1. Keep those annoying mosquitos away with these citronella candles via Garden Therapy

2. Warm up during those colder evenings in spring, but stay outside with your very own upcycled firepit via House and Fig

3. Green up with slouchy sling leather planters via Vintage Revivals

4. Create a romantic ambiance using pretty origami lights via Freshly Picked

5. Jazz it up by painting the patio tiles via A Beautiful Mess

6. Wood doormat can be turned into a nice deck via The Accent Piece

7. Drink the wine and eat the salad! Wine box turned balcony sized bed garden via Life on The Balcony

8. Read a book and rest after DIYing all of these on your comfy pallet daybed via Prudent Baby

I’d love to be able to grow things but I know absolutely nothing about gardening. I just discovered this online garden planning tool and it looked nifty so I thought I’d share… The Vegetable Garden Planner might very well come in handy if you happen to have a garden lying around and would love to grow it into a wonderful vegetable garden or make that old lady next door jealous of your flowers for a change. Good luck!



DIY Spring time!

It’s finally spring and here are some lovely DIY to brighten up your home.

Happy weekend!!!


1. Hand painted tent cover

2. Leather wrapped planters

3. Tree Swing

4. Japanese printed bowls

5. Faux floral lights

6. Edible gold macarons 

DIY: Bye bye expedit

So, probably the last thing the blog world needs is yet another compilation of ikea expedit hacks, but some of these are so cool I couldn’t  help myself… So lets just call it a bonus, in honor of this beloved versatile bookshelf!

Happy weekend!!

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

1. Absolutely gorgeous mid-century modern sideboard via Ikea Hackers

2. Creative, beautiful and also a little bit 50s little bar via Ikea Hackers

3. Cheerful playroom seating by I Heart Organizing 

4. Poetic doolhouse via 101 Woonideeen

5. Kid’s room desk by A Little Delightful

6. Practical kitchen island by Decorating Insanity

7. Staircase shelving via Barnacle’s Choice

8. Can we make this bookshelf? via Ikea Hackers

DIY: Pretty home accessories

Taking it easy this weekend? Here are some home accessories DIYs to make your home lovelier without breaking the bank. Happy friday!



1. DIY Wooden bead trivet by Nella’s House

2. DIY Rooftop cutting board by Apartment Therapy

3. DIY Faux fur footstool by A Beautiful Mess

4. DIY Black and white stamped tea-towels by Wit & Delight

5. DIY Leather and brass teardrop hanging planter by Vintage Revivals

Ikea Hacks: Billy

Who doesn’t have a Billy at home? With a little bit of time and skill you can transform Ikea’s most popular bookshelf into a custom looking piece! Here are a few incredible ideas:


Top row:

1. Brightening up a boring Billy bookcase, via Ikea Hackers

2. Make your own bookcase library wall with built in speakers and remote control lights, by Bliss at Home

3. Step-by-step how to transform a Billy using wood trim molding, by My Decor Education 

Bottom row:

4. Such a pretty bathroom cabinet using paint stirrers, via Ikea Hackers

5. Believe it or not, there is a bed in there! via Ikea Hackers

6. Cheap and cheerful kitchen island, by Golden Boys and Me