Kelly Puissegur | Sunday Morning Art

Oh how much I love love LOVE the light-hearted, all around hilarious, artwork by Kelly Puissegur!!!


Inspired by day-to-day random oddities, the work by this LA based artist is an impressive collection of skillfully made humorous paintings, illustrations and collages. With blasé tigers, strange creatures wearing animal masks, animals doing the robot-dance or titty-twisting, her work is an explosion of alluring creative madness and witty punchlines.

Kelly Puissegur’s work is so enjoyable that I got sidetracked completely and now ended up publishing this hours late!!! Oops…

You can see more of Kelly’s fantastic work on her website Retro Whale. And to brighten up your everyday as well, you can buy prints for your walls at the artist’s Etsy Shop, and original artwork are also available at Saatchi Online.

Happy Sunday!!

All images Copyright © 2014 RetroWhale.

Courtesy of the artist.

Jenny Liz Rome | Sunday Morning Art

I recently featured beautiful artwork by Jenny Liz Rome in a post about Nordic Interiors and Black & White Prints and I was so impressed by the quality and beauty of her illustrations, I decided share a little bit more of her work. This Ontario based artist uses a combination of techniques, such as photo collages and watercolors, to create powerfully feminine artwork, perfectly blending elements of wildlife and fashion.

Jenny Liz Rome for Halo

Jenny’s girls” are something of what every woman aspire to be. They are delicate warriors dressed in Lions, Feathers, Flowers, Crowns and ribbons, in a powerful mix of nature and sensuality, as the mesmeric counterpart to the wild nature of women… and they have amazing hair! But, whatever the reason behind their beauty, they are beautiful and, lets face it, who doesn’t like looking at beautiful girls?


If you’re in San Francisco, Jenny’s work is currently showing at the Gauntlet Gallery, in a group show curated by Ruben Ireland entitled Out Of Body. The gallery also has exclusive works like “Queen Bitch” and “Ghost” available for sale. As an alternative, limited edition signed prints are also sold at the australian online gallery Signed and Numbered in addition to the Artist’s Etsy shop and on Society 6. Leaving no excuses for having bare walls now!

Happy Sunday!

All images courtesy of the artist

Attraction: The work of australian artist Maz Dixon | Sunday Morning Art

Oh how pleased I was when I fist saw the elegantly cheerful work of australian artist Maz Dixon! I am now persuaded the perfect memory of a summer vacation shouldn’t be complete without a pineapple house, kissing dolphins or sightings of giant flying crustaceous! Or, to say the very least, this is precisely how I wish postcards really looked like. Maz-Dixon_ Attraction_Holiday-Attractions

In the series entitled Attraction, she creates a set of whimsical scenes, providing viewers the key ingredients to freely recreate the experience of a summer destination. Through these re-contextualized postcard-like images she presents a parallel analysis of how mass produced souvenir media, such as postcards, view-folders or tea towels, lead viewers to experience the destination in a predetermined way. The end result is a sophisticated series of fun, dreamlike images of a youthful impression of a summer holiday.

Maz Dixon’s beautiful artwork is available for sale at the Art Pharmacy Store.

Happy Sunday!

All images courtesy of the artist.

© 2014 Maz Dixon.

Jason DeMarte | Sunday Morning Art

When I first stumbled upon the work of American photographer Jason DeMarte, the vibrant colours and hint of a somewhat cheeky black humor really caught my eye. I must admit that, even now, as I look at it I can’t help but have a huge smile and an equally large interrogation mark on my face. I mean, really. What on Earth is this all about???

Jason DeMarte // Nature Preserve - Purple Mountain_Majesty

Jason DeMarte ingeniously uses images of fluffy animals, processed foods and colorful dots to make a statement about the complex human interactions with the consumer environment. Resulting in beautiful and strange compositions that tell the story of an imaginary ‘real world’. This cognitive dissonance of his work makes it rather hypnotic, as a distorted reflection of reality reminiscent of the surrealists.

So hypnotic indeed! In such a way that made selecting the images for this post rather tricky. I truly found myself wondering whether I should pick the floating chicken wings or the dotted fields of beaver… It’s not everyday one is confronted with such dilemmas.

If you’re fortunate to be around Fort Wayne in Indiana, Jason DeMarte is currently showing his work at the Ft Wayne Museum of Art, alongside eminent photographers Julie Blackmon, Martina Lopez, Richard Renaldi, Nick Veasey, and Sharon Harper in a exhibition entitled The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2014. Otherwise his work is also available for sale at Rule Gallery, ClampArt, Photo-Eye Gallery, Lux Archive, and my personal favorite Kids of Dada.

Happy Sunday!

Images courtesy of the artist

Nordic Interiors and Black & White prints

With all these beautiful pictures of scandinavian interiors going around these days, I find it nearly impossible not to dream of living in one of those homes.

Nordic Charm: B&W Prints

Nordic interiors are the happy place where graphic design meets art, in a fusion of typography and poetry, a lot of black & white, delicate lines and geometric patterns. While this sharp and elegant, yet borderline cold, look may not be for everyone, it is certainly beautiful to look at and here are some lovely examples to be inspired by.

Get the look!

I’ve just recently discovered this great website some of you might have already heard about, and even have your work there, called Society 6. It’s a fantastic online shop where artists can upload their work and sell it in high quality prints or printed on t-shirts, cellphone covers, onesies and different home accessories. It’s a great way for new artists to get their work out there and it’s an even better way to buy great artwork at very attractive prices. I’ve ordered a few things from there, but I haven’t received it yet so I don’t really know about the quality of the materials and the printing, but it looks ok and very affordable. Here is a selection of some of my favorite black and white bold prints to give any home a Nordic Charm:



Images via 1/2/3&4.



Street Art Cookbook – A guide to Techniques and Materials by Benke Carlsson and Hop Louie

For anyone interested in Street Art, this little book by Swedish Photographer Benke Carlsson and Street Artist Hop Louie, is a must. A delightful guide to Street Art, covering everything from posters, adbusting, stencils, stickers to guerrilla gardening, it provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to DIY your own Street Art, with lists of materials and techniques. With hundreds of pictures and illustrations of works from all over the world, as well as interviews of some of the world’s most famous street artists, it gives an excellent insight into how street art is made.

Street Art Cook Book Review

Mark Jenkins, Swoon, Gould, WK Interact, Caper, Victor Marx, C215, Poch, Ron English and Knitta Please, are some of the artists featured in this book.

Bibliographic information

Title Street Art Cookbook
Authors Benke Carlsson, Hop Louie
Edition illustrated, reprint
Publisher Dokument forlag, Fotograf Malcolm Jacobsson, 2010
ISBN 9185639303, 9789185639304
Length 141 pages

Astonish me! A retrospective of Philippe Halsman’s work at the Musée de L’Elysée

Best known for… well… pretty much everything he has ever done, photographer Philippe Halsman had an outstanding career. For over 40 years, in Paris during the 1930s and New York from 1940 on, he photographed everyone who was anyone, in a broad range of activities, such as portraits, fashion, advertising, commissions and personal projects.


The exhibition “Astonish me!” (“Etonnez-moi!” in french), currently showing at the Musée de l’Elysée here in Lausanne, is the first study of his entire body of work and presents over 300 pieces including contact sheets, Halsman’s own notes, original photomontages and even Holiday cards. Lucky me! It’s not everyday you get to see the “bad” pictures of Marilyn Monroe, the old school ways of photoshopping or how mad it was the reality of throwing cats at Salvador Dali.

Another delightful of Halsman’s projects is the series entitled Jumpology, where he asked all the celebrities he photographed over the years to ‘jump up and down in order to reveal their true nature’.

In 1941, Halsman met his ‘accomplice’ Salvador Dali, with whom he worked in collaboration for 37 years and, together, they produced an incredible amount of artwork. As if the entire exhibition wasn’t enough to put a giant smile on everyone’s faces, as a final treat on the last floor, a video made by Salvador Dali and Halsman gives a little insight into the world of these amazing artists. I am going back tomorrow!

“In my serious work I am striving for the essence of things and for goals which are possibly unobtainable. On the other hand, everything humorous has great attraction for me, and a childish streak leads me into all kinds of frivolous endeavor.”

Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman, Astonish me!

29.01.2014 – 11.05.2014

Musée de l’Elysée

18, avenue de l’Elysée
1014 Lausanne – Switzerland
Tél. ++41 21 316 99 11
Fax ++41 21 316 99 12

All images from Philippe Halsman’s Archive

Fun play! Colourful playgrounds designed by Monstrum

If you ever wondered what the world looked like inside the mind of a small child, I’d say these whimsical playgrounds by Monstrum come pretty close to describing it!

Founded in 2003 by Danish set-designers/artists Ole B. Nielsen and Christian Jensen, the Studio’s designs look more like theatrical settings than regular playgrounds, being composed of giant bugs, flowers, whales, castles, rockets, robots and anything else reminiscent of the truly fantastic world surrounding us. Much like our little ones’ imagination, the fantasy is infinite!

Every design by Monstrum takes into consideration not only the visual design and safety, but also the motor challenges of children in different ages. As such, they carefully consider each activity proposed and organize the playing areas according to age groups, creating a special universe in which younger and older children play alongside… And above all, they just look like so much fun!!

All images via Monstrum