8 DIY Ikea hacks: VITTSJÖ

Ikea Hack Vittsjo

Nice and easy, sometimes with just a little change of color or different shelves, these simple metal and tempered glass Ikea Vittsjö tables and bookshelves can go from mass produced cheap to high-end unique pieces. I love how simple and effective these hacks can be! 

Happy weekend!

1. Oh such a beautiful color in this Bar Cart via Style Me Pretty

2. Your bookshelf is now made of Gold via Honey Sweet Home

3. From big nesting tables into chic smaller… Nesting Tables! via Project Palermo

4. And an elegant Cocktail Ottoman via Melodrama

5. Colourful vintage charm with enamel chalk paint via  Brittany Makes

6. The most beautiful Marble + Copper Side table via Style Me Pretty

7 & 8. And to create a more industrial look replacing the glass shelves with wooden ones for bookshelves via Yellow Brick Home and a laptop table via Storefront Life

3 thoughts on “8 DIY Ikea hacks: VITTSJÖ

    • hahaha yeah… I must admit this was kind of a selfish post… I was looking for an alternative to the very expensive book shelf I want… though I haven’t yet had the courage to embark on a DIY adventure:D You’re far braver than me and your table looks great! Good job x


      • Selfie post is cool, means that the research is actually by heart 😀 But, which in is the very expensive that you MUST have? You should just do it, Im sure you´d make a cool DIY AND if it works the reward is such a great feeling, do it 😉 x D


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