Jenny Liz Rome | Sunday Morning Art

I recently featured beautiful artwork by Jenny Liz Rome in a post about Nordic Interiors and Black & White Prints and I was so impressed by the quality and beauty of her illustrations, I decided share a little bit more of her work. This Ontario based artist uses a combination of techniques, such as photo collages and watercolors, to create powerfully feminine artwork, perfectly blending elements of wildlife and fashion.

Jenny Liz Rome for Halo

Jenny’s girls” are something of what every woman aspire to be. They are delicate warriors dressed in Lions, Feathers, Flowers, Crowns and ribbons, in a powerful mix of nature and sensuality, as the mesmeric counterpart to the wild nature of women… and they have amazing hair! But, whatever the reason behind their beauty, they are beautiful and, lets face it, who doesn’t like looking at beautiful girls?


If you’re in San Francisco, Jenny’s work is currently showing at the Gauntlet Gallery, in a group show curated by Ruben Ireland entitled Out Of Body. The gallery also has exclusive works like “Queen Bitch” and “Ghost” available for sale. As an alternative, limited edition signed prints are also sold at the australian online gallery Signed and Numbered in addition to the Artist’s Etsy shop and on Society 6. Leaving no excuses for having bare walls now!

Happy Sunday!

All images courtesy of the artist

2 thoughts on “Jenny Liz Rome | Sunday Morning Art

    • Hi there, thank you! Yeah… they are all so beautiful! I think my favorite ones are The Ladies of the Flies (the ones on top with the bears and lions) but then again I love the Daft Punk ones as well… It’s too hard! it’s too hard! 😀


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