Attraction: The work of australian artist Maz Dixon | Sunday Morning Art

Oh how pleased I was when I fist saw the elegantly cheerful work of australian artist Maz Dixon! I am now persuaded the perfect memory of a summer vacation shouldn’t be complete without a pineapple house, kissing dolphins or sightings of giant flying crustaceous! Or, to say the very least, this is precisely how I wish postcards really looked like. Maz-Dixon_ Attraction_Holiday-Attractions

In the series entitled Attraction, she creates a set of whimsical scenes, providing viewers the key ingredients to freely recreate the experience of a summer destination. Through these re-contextualized postcard-like images she presents a parallel analysis of how mass produced souvenir media, such as postcards, view-folders or tea towels, lead viewers to experience the destination in a predetermined way. The end result is a sophisticated series of fun, dreamlike images of a youthful impression of a summer holiday.

Maz Dixon’s beautiful artwork is available for sale at the Art Pharmacy Store.

Happy Sunday!

All images courtesy of the artist.

© 2014 Maz Dixon.

4 thoughts on “Attraction: The work of australian artist Maz Dixon | Sunday Morning Art

  1. I love this art by Maz Dixon. I had never heard of him before. It reminds me in a way of Beth Hoekel in that sort of retro and summery feel.

    Australians are obsessed with giant things – there’s a giant pineapple, giant koala and giant banana dotted around the place. They still remain as kitsch landmarks and people drive to go and see them but nowadays it’s more of a joke rather than a serious attraction. I think back in the 60’s and 70’s though, many families would go to these places as the kids really wanted to see a giant kangaroo or something LOL. It’s sort of a cute and heart-warming to me!


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