Jason DeMarte | Sunday Morning Art

When I first stumbled upon the work of American photographer Jason DeMarte, the vibrant colours and hint of a somewhat cheeky black humor really caught my eye. I must admit that, even now, as I look at it I can’t help but have a huge smile and an equally large interrogation mark on my face. I mean, really. What on Earth is this all about???

Jason DeMarte // Nature Preserve - Purple Mountain_Majesty

Jason DeMarte ingeniously uses images of fluffy animals, processed foods and colorful dots to make a statement about the complex human interactions with the consumer environment. Resulting in beautiful and strange compositions that tell the story of an imaginary ‘real world’. This cognitive dissonance of his work makes it rather hypnotic, as a distorted reflection of reality reminiscent of the surrealists.

So hypnotic indeed! In such a way that made selecting the images for this post rather tricky. I truly found myself wondering whether I should pick the floating chicken wings or the dotted fields of beaver… It’s not everyday one is confronted with such dilemmas.

If you’re fortunate to be around Fort Wayne in Indiana, Jason DeMarte is currently showing his work at the Ft Wayne Museum of Art, alongside eminent photographers Julie Blackmon, Martina Lopez, Richard Renaldi, Nick Veasey, and Sharon Harper in a exhibition entitled The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2014. Otherwise his work is also available for sale at Rule Gallery, ClampArt, Photo-Eye Gallery, Lux Archive, and my personal favorite Kids of Dada.

Happy Sunday!

Images courtesy of the artist

3 thoughts on “Jason DeMarte | Sunday Morning Art

    • His work is amazing! Very creative. After I wrote this post I discovered that he photographs animals in the Natural History Museum for his images. That’s just grand!


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