8 DIY projects for your garden

Although it did snow here this week, I though I’d be positive and start preparing for when the good weather actually comes. Here are some ideas to make your patio, balcony or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, to make your garden nice and ready for those lovely spring and summer evenings!

Happy friday!

diy garden projects

1. Keep those annoying mosquitos away with these citronella candles via Garden Therapy

2. Warm up during those colder evenings in spring, but stay outside with your very own upcycled firepit via House and Fig

3. Green up with slouchy sling leather planters via Vintage Revivals

4. Create a romantic ambiance using pretty origami lights via Freshly Picked

5. Jazz it up by painting the patio tiles via A Beautiful Mess

6. Wood doormat can be turned into a nice deck via The Accent Piece

7. Drink the wine and eat the salad! Wine box turned balcony sized bed garden via Life on The Balcony

8. Read a book and rest after DIYing all of these on your comfy pallet daybed via Prudent Baby

I’d love to be able to grow things but I know absolutely nothing about gardening. I just discovered this online garden planning tool and it looked nifty so I thought I’d share… The Vegetable Garden Planner might very well come in handy if you happen to have a garden lying around and would love to grow it into a wonderful vegetable garden or make that old lady next door jealous of your flowers for a change. Good luck!



5 thoughts on “8 DIY projects for your garden

  1. We moved into a house over the holidays and it’s on the water. I know there will be lots of mosquitoes when the weather warms up so I want to make those citronella candles.


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