Swing over a cliff At Casa Del Arbol

Oh monday morning! I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I’d much rather be swinging from a tree house in the middle of nowhere than doing pretty much anything I have to do right now.

This precious little treehouse, Casa Del Arbol, is a seismic monitoring station in Cantón Baños, Equador. Located on the edge of a cliff 8350 feet above sea level and on top of a tree, the wooden house is used for observing the Tungurahua volcano. Overlooking the astonishing views of an active volcano, the simple observation room is in itself breathtaking, though it doesn’t exactly seem to be the sight’s main attraction. Hanging from one of the tree’s skinny branches, with no harness, net or any safety feature of any kind, the fragile looking swing dares the more adventurous visitors to hang over the cliff. Certainly worth trying at least once in a lifetime, this swing seems to be great fun for anyone brave enough to give it a go!

Featured image via Places to See

Image gallery via Fubiz

8 thoughts on “Swing over a cliff At Casa Del Arbol

    • She’s so right to want one! Tree houses are great fun. We might work on a project like that for our little man this summer. Well, we’ll say it’s for Ben but in reality… 🙂


  1. Hi, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on Bloglovin (Which is just a cute way to network on the site). Have a look at my site to see if you want to join in! xx


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