The Black Desert House

Designed by Art Director  Marc Atlan, in collaboration with Oller & Pejic and Moderne Builders, The Black Desert House sits majestically in the Mojave Desert, only 30 minutes away from Palm Springs.

The Black Desert House

With minimalistic lines, black concrete, enormous mirrored glass panes and surrounded by over 100 kilometers of unspoiled landscape, the house integrates perfectly with the natural allure of its environment.

As one would expect, the interior was not left behind. Complementing the breathtaking views, pieces designed by some of the most prominent names of our time, such as the “Stool Ones” by Grcic, Marc Sadler’s “Giunco” floor lamp and Elizabeth Paige-Smith “Blow” orange side table, are combined in perfect harmony with the classic charm of Andrée Putman’s “Morgan” chairs, Warren Platner’s dining table by knoll and a couple of antique Louis XV silk & gilt armchairs.

Luckily for us, The Black Desert House is professional location rental available for fashion and editorial photo shoots, advertising campaigns, television commercials, movies and films. So we’ll be seeing more of this beauty again soon!

Here’s the description by the designer:

“Perched like a stealth bomber on a cliffside, at the foot of a dramatic outcrop of prehistoric boulders, the“Black Desert House” is a unique minimalist hideaway. Soaring panes of glass frame 70 miles of unspoiled Mojave Desert landscape; an ever-changing panorama of shade, color and light as the sun shifts westward. Articulated around a central courtyard, the 3-bedroom sleeping area opens onto the skewed rectangle of a deep, black-tiled pool. The surrounding terraced patio is sheltered between the house and the towering boulder formation which, after dark, is strikingly illuminated from below. ”

All photos © Marc Angeles, 2013.

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