Street Art Cookbook – A guide to Techniques and Materials by Benke Carlsson and Hop Louie

For anyone interested in Street Art, this little book by Swedish Photographer Benke Carlsson and Street Artist Hop Louie, is a must. A delightful guide to Street Art, covering everything from posters, adbusting, stencils, stickers to guerrilla gardening, it provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to DIY your own Street Art, with lists of materials and techniques. With hundreds of pictures and illustrations of works from all over the world, as well as interviews of some of the world’s most famous street artists, it gives an excellent insight into how street art is made.

Street Art Cook Book Review

Mark Jenkins, Swoon, Gould, WK Interact, Caper, Victor Marx, C215, Poch, Ron English and Knitta Please, are some of the artists featured in this book.

Bibliographic information

Title Street Art Cookbook
Authors Benke Carlsson, Hop Louie
Edition illustrated, reprint
Publisher Dokument forlag, Fotograf Malcolm Jacobsson, 2010
ISBN 9185639303, 9789185639304
Length 141 pages

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