“On The Move” the Ikea PS 2014 collection

Ikea launches today the new Ikea PS 2014 Collection with the theme “On The Move”. Designed by young designers from all over the world, the collection was inspired by “real homes  – and homeowners – that are in constant motion”.

Urban and modern, this collection is nothing short of Ikea’s “nice and affordable” design standard. The IKEA PS 2014 collection will be available starting in April at IKEA stores worldwide. I look forward to it! In the meantime, here’s the collection:

All images via Pressroom – Ikea

One thought on ““On The Move” the Ikea PS 2014 collection

  1. This isn’t on the topic, but I couldn’t help noticing the red floor tiles in one of the photographs. I’d wanted them so badly for our place but finally decided against it, and chose a lighter color hoping it’d make our compact home feel bigger. I can’t help but envy whoever’s floor it is though! And thank you for stopping by at my blog! Glad you liked some of the posts 🙂


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