House in Yagi with an Interior Courtyard by Suppose Design Office

I’ve always been a big fan of japanese architecture and, in particular, of Makoto Tanijiri’s Suppose Design Office. This family house in Yagi, Japan, was designed purposely as an “unfinished design” to be completed by its inhabitants. Much in the studio’s style, the architecture allows for a maximum integration between the interior and exterior spaces and even brings a traditionally exterior courtyard indoors.

In spite of the house’s unfinished look, the combination of concrete and wood creates elegant and airy interior spaces.

Photography is by Toshiyuki Yano.

Here’s a project description from Suppose Design Office:

The House of Yagi is designed with the idea of an incomplete/complete form. Unlike other projects, the final stage of construction for this house was not aiming towards a finish stage, but to let the owner experience the sense of completion after living here.

Interior space of the house is designed to maximise the interaction to its surrounding environment. Ground floor material remained the same as the original site, with a single tree standing in the centre to present a natural contrast with the surrounding area. Windows of the 1st storey are kept open without any window shield or glass and creates an interesting interaction with wind and rain.

All these elements are to enhance the experience of unlimited lifestyle that you may potentially have in this house, and minimise the boundary. Through this different interpretation of connecting the exterior and interior space, new ways of living can be explored by the client.

Location: Hiroshima city, Japan
Principal use: personal house
Site area: 155.60 sqm
Building area: 56.24 sqm
Total floor area: 112.48 sqm
(1F: 56.24 sqm 2F: 56.24 sqm)
Completion: June 2012
Design period: April 2011 – January 2011
Construction period: February 2011 – June 2012
Structure: RC structure
Client: a couple and children
Project architect: Makoto Tanijiri [Suppose Design Office] + Ohno Hirohumi [Ohno JAPAN]
Lighting: Original
Products: dining table
Flooring: 1F – masa soil, 2F – elm flooring + WAX (mat)
Internal Wall: exposed concrete
Ceiling: exposed concrete
Construction: Shinkou Kensetsu

via Dezeen

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